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I Am A Spiritual Man

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I Am A Spiritual Man.

I am more than a body. I am a spirit that was given a body. A colored body to move in this world. My spirit came from the breath of God and my body was shaped from the earth.

Both are good and sacred. However, one is eternal and the other is temporary. My body, though temporary, is very important as it is the temple from which my spirit becomes one with God. What happens to it and what I choose to do with it therefore matters much...

One day, I will be given a new and eternal body. But until then, my present earthly temporary body might suffer at the hands of people who refuse to understand that the color of our skin has little to do with who we truly are.

My identity does not derive from my body, but from my spirit which was breathed by God. I am a child of the Most High, Creator of heaven and earth, Judge of the living and the dead... I am my heavenly father's. That's my true identity!

I am much grateful to God for my body and, for the better or worse, I love the color of my skin. But I will do my best to resist the inward temptations and the outward pressures that would have me live this life based on a color.

With all my heart I will follow in the footsteps of Christ, who served and loved humanity, not based on the color of His skin, but based on His identity. Just like Him, I will also fight for Justice, not because I'm a colored man, but because Justice is my Heavenly Father's business!

And YES, #BlackLivesMatter!

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